July Competition: Create Multiplayer Games
timmy_i_chen (1066)

We're bringing back competitions, and this one is all about Multiplayer Games!

Previously we shared Hop Fighter by @kaldisberzins as a shining example. He kindly created an example of how to create a similar game using Node.js and websockets. Feel free to check out and fork his sample game here. Your game can be in any language!

How To Submit

Submit by posting your repl link to this board: https://repl.it/talk/challenge

How To Win

Get the most votes by the end of the competition: Aug 14, 2018.


First Place: $100 Amazon Gift Card
Second Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card
Third Place: $20 Amazon Gift Card
Team Favorite (picked by Repl.it team): $20 Amazon Gift Card.

Additionally, winners will be featured in our newsletter!

Additional Rules

  • Your work must be your own - you cannot plagiarize
  • Vote manipulation in any form will get you disqualified
  • Don't ask for votes outside of your submission
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AnouS (15)

Gawd! This challenge is forcing me to learn how to make a multiplayer game with python! Gonna be an experience to remember! (Hopefully in a good way) The prize Though! My Mom would like die with amazement if i got an amazon gift card!

timmy_i_chen (1066)

@AnouS It's all about the learning experience ;)