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Just a simple drawing game with some improvements
awesome1238765 (26)

Just a simple drawing game with some improvements dont now what to put in here so typing random stuff made with the help of Me54321 with the save and xTacticalx with the css

Thehappysquid (33)

This is so cool! Upvote time!

MrMinimax (142)

this is really cool, maybe you could have a menu for picking what colors you want. I dont know js so i dont know how hard it would be

awesome1238765 (26)

@MrMinimax I will try but it is still in progress

Nemoiscool (45)

@MrMinimax That's a good idea.
@awesome1238765 It's actually quite simple. Just have an input with type = "color" and that should allow you to pick the color.

MrMinimax (142)

thats too fancy for me lel

AdCharity (1239)

Puts expect bugs in the header portion of the repl :instant_death:

Me54321 (10)

I made the "save your work" button so...I need some credit.I swear this.