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Kahoot misclick trainer
mesquite2234 (247)

Have you ever played a kahoot, gotten the answer before anyone else, then MISCLICKED? If so, this programs for you! It uses tkinter buttons and a randomizer to train your hand eye coordination so you never misclick again!


NEW Select your cursor!

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CodeLongAndPros (1564)

This is called "getting Kashot" (past tense of Kashoot)

JBloves27 (1511)

LOL, i need this soo bad!

mesquite2234 (247)

@JBYT27 When i clicked back to this tab, i instantly saw the last two words of your comment soo bad i got scared. then i looked at the first and saw LOL. so i concluded LOL soo bad. i didnt see i need this till later


How do you use html code inside python? If you know please do tell me.
Thank You.

JBloves27 (1511)

You can do this:

  1. add a file named index.html
  2. put whatever you want to add

other than that, i don't know @dhruvkumarrajan

hello4691 (31)

@dhruvkumarrajan If you are wondering how he made the display he used Tkinter a built in python UI library

DanielIjeh (0)

@JBYT27 you can get one on chrome web store just search custom cursor
i have a custom cursor

JBloves27 (1511)

@AncientBison, @dhruvkumarrajan deleted his comment. It was a link to his project

OldWizard209 (970)

Before online classes I was the genius in my class. I just lost 1 kahoot quiz in virtual lessons and now i am the dumbest in my class

great work @TommyVictory tho

JudeAustin1 (4)

@dhruvkumarrajan You can make your own post, it's an easier and far less annoying way to advertise your project.


OK. Sorry.

PXY (39)

This is perfect

theresarose05 (3)

HOW IN THE WORLD IS THIS REAL???? You have just solved a major problem of humanity, @TommyVictory

Baconman321 (760)

You know, there's a point where you can't get faster anymore because it takes at least 6 milliseconds for the fact that this square is green or not to get processed in your brain.

javaarchive (1)

then also maybe the lag for the screen contents to get carried from repl to you

headiscoding (941)

I was playing kahoot with the rest of my class once, and I misclicked options 3 times in a row (not on purpose). My math teacher then went forward to call me a future failure, and she told me to get out of the class. It was funny.

mesquite2234 (247)

@HeadSucksAtLife lol. Today in math we played a kahoot. I set my name as u+3164 (as in the actual character) and when I got 2nd, the podium flashed when my name shouldve popped up then nothing happened

mesquite2234 (247)

My favorite cursor is dotbox whats yours?

TsunamiOrSumth (547)

im bookmarking this, who needs fancy aim trainers that cost money

TsunamiOrSumth (547)

my annoying sb:
hAhAhaAhAHAHHAHAH uR sO bAlD i GoT a 5$ aIm TrAinEr

proceeds to beat annoying sb up in video game

FloCal35 (351)

Have you ever played a kahoot, gotten the answer before anyone else, then MISCLICKED?


hello4691 (31)

@FloCal35 When you play a kahoot, gotten the answer before anyone else, then misclicked? What a first world problem XD

Vandesm14 (2619)

Awesome! Can you have it show the stats after you fail?

mesquite2234 (247)

@Vandesm14 Yes. I will add that. Thanks for your feedback

Bookie0 (5645)

*great kahoot music playing in background

Bookie0 (5645)

@TommyVictory *dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dun dunnn dun dun dun dun dunnn etc.

mesquite2234 (247)

added kahoot music mp3 bc y not

Bookie0 (5645)

lol coo, use audio to implemennt it in the game as I don't hear it, you have to manually press play in the file ;)

mesquite2234 (247)

@Bookie0 Yeah. I'm pretty sure tkinter wouldn't work well with that. I think it only runs tkinter AFTER the actual python code. so the game wouldnt work until the mp3 is over

mesquite2234 (247)

@Bookie0 I just forked this repl and tried to implement the music better, but the program stops when tkinter starts

mesquite2234 (247)

@Bookie0 But i'll look into it more

TheDrone7 (1628)

The post has been locked since it's botted.

DJWang (1358)

Y'all getting so good now. Repl has been growing exponentially after Covid striked

archie426 (1)

tkinter, really... :/

mesquite2234 (247)

@archie426 me:looks at your bio python = bad me: sees that all but 2 of your repls are python.

YodaCode (81)

I'm actually building my own take on Kahoot that features flashcards, live games, and more! It will be coming out in March.


welp i wanted to get to 100 as a score and just lost at 77

QBeaumont (5)

does anyone here know how to erase the console automatically in node.js?

QBeaumont (5)

I really need help

ike_fite (12)

How many of you guys turn your mouse sense all the way up and try to flick shot every answer because you don't really care.

javaarchive (1)

i must admit clicking the green rectangle is extremely satsifying for some reason

Dasooperbobby (1)


Taiga123m (2)

It doesn't even work

mesquite2234 (247)

@Taiga123m What error does it give you

Taiga123m (2)

@TommyVictory idk it doesn't really start

mesquite2234 (247)

@Taiga123m you probably didnt enter your name and cursor into the console

brogen (40)

What cursor options do you have?

brogen (40)

How do you play a mp3 file I want to use one.

mesquite2234 (247)

@brogen from replit import audio source = audio.play_file('audio.mp3'). but i suggest converting your mp3 to a .wav

AJDevelopment (124)

i wonder what would happen if

  • i touched rotting blood
  • i got pinged 1000 times
AJDevelopment (124)

i think touching rotting blood would be worse