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Lambda Coding Bootcamp
rbhogans (4)

Hi, my name is Rabiah from NJ. I'm in the process of beginning a coding Bootcamp with Lambda School and this software is used to learn Javascript. I look forward to working with you all and sure Ill need plenty of answers from you all at some point or another in this program. Sanora for now.

Thank you.

amasad (2378)

@rbhogans welcome! Make sure to build something, in addition to doing the Lambda exercises.

You can find stuff on this forum to "fork" and modify and that's a great way to learn.

Zavexeon (1055)

Hey there, welcome to! Just a tidbit of advice, please don't post in the Announcements board, I went ahead and moved this to share for you. Thanks! :)


@Zavexeon :o
it takes 3 hours for a mod to remove a spam comment, but 2 min to move something.

theangryepicbanana (1598)

@TaylorLiang well if you see a spam comment then report it or say something about it on the discord :)

AdCharity (1259)

@TaylorLiang these mods have priorities


@theangryepicbanana I reported it

nithilan4 (242)

@TaylorLiang join the replit discord if you want more immediate action


@nithilan4 ok. Im already in it

Zavexeon (1055)

@TaylorLiang Sorry, it's much easier to catch a post in the wrong board since it's easily noticeable on the post list.

Spam is much more tedious to find unless it gets reported. And if it is reported sometimes it takes time before somebody has the opportunity to check reports. I check reports every time I open


@Zavexeon oh ok