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Landbots, where are they?
anil_kumarkuma6 (6)

I have had vacuum cleaner bots for over four years and they have served me well, they clean perfectly well, are maintenance free and do not grumble for a raise, nor do they complain of long work hours, like I did at AT&T, nor do they die of exhaustion, one fine day, on a table...R.I.P....., like some of my managers did and were promptly replaced, did anyone notice?(the dangerous thing was I was a manager too, did I really die? Is this heaven? Bill Gates?)
Landbots, are like these successful vacuum bots except they are outdoors, they compete with postmen, pizza delivery staff and all those people you see busy outdoors with hard hats on ....
I thought Earth was a vacation place, where people were well fed doing nothing more than marketing and babysitting machines, machines like landbots, who do all the 'work'. But people are unhappy, they want to equate themselves to the bots , and work hard. So I had to revise my strategy and am working on AMP platforms, like amplification, smart tools and smart mobility, may be we cannot sit back and enjoy the snow, I prayed all year that there would be enough, to make many snow men and play all day in it, roll in snow, but grandpa gets up early morning and clears it from the sidewalk, and that young strong man spends all night clearing it off the roads, but wait, did we not love snow? and the snow mobiles? and sking?