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Legacy RPG
Seazyns (212)

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Developer: Seazyns
Discord: Seazyns#8376
Version 0.2.1 [Shop and Chests Update]

DJWang (1246)

This is the best game ever! Come on people we need more upvotes!!!

Seazyns (212)

@DJWang Thanks :D Glad you like it!

DJWang (1246)

It doesn't seem to work...

Seazyns (212)

@DJWang Can you explain what exactly doesn't work?

DJWang (1246)

@Seazyns Oops I'm sorry! My computer wasn't working that time so repls didn't run. Sorry for the trouble!

Nanowrimoijk (42)

are you still working on this? If so, will I be able to use my save from this version with the later versions?

Seazyns (212)

@Nanowrimoijk Yes, I am still working on this and once I update it, depending on the update. You won't be able to save your progress, this game right now is basically in beta.

GameWatch21 (0)

Nice repl you have here thanks