sugarfi (127)

This was something I made a while back but did not share. It is a text adventure. You are trapped on a collapsing space ship with the maniacal AI Lennybot. You will bre presented with a series of choices at times. If you make one wrong choice, Lennybot will kill you. Can you survive until the end?

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druceb (14)

Would be nice if when you died you didnt have to go through the start sequence

sugarfi (127)

@druceb what would it do otherwise? do you mean it would just take you back to the last choice or something?

ThunderCoder (2)

@sugarfi I think what @druceb meant was that instead of telling us where we are, who is lennybot, and so on. you should just take us back to the first dialog in the game.

sugarfi (127)

@ThunderCoder ok, that's a good idea.