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Letter only six digit password cracker
jort57 (4)

pretty cool. its not the best since i use random letters but yea. dont use this to hack people cuz hacking is bad

RohanRajagopal (1)

This is very good, but it has an error, and besides fixing that, there are also other things that need improvement:

  • The guess7 code is unnecescary and creates the error, as the password are only 6 characters
  • You don't really need to be working with lists here, you can do indices and loop over and len() and stuff with strings, too
  • If you really need to convert a string to a list, just do list(my_string), so for example, `list("abcde") would return ["a","b","c","d","e"]
  • You don't need to do something[random.randrange(...)], there is a random.choice function for that, random.choice(something)
  • The switch variable is never anything other than True so you can get rid of it and make all your loops while True:
  • The entire guessing code could be shortened greatly with a nested loop, for example:
successful_guesses = []
for letter in user_password:
    while True:
        guess = random.choice(letters)
        if guess == letter:


  • user_password can now be any length
  • Code is shorter
  • You can get rid of split and, and switch, and all of that
  • You should be able to expand letters to more possibilities.

Here are some extra things you could do:

  • Print how long it takes for python to guess your password (use time)
  • Suggest a better password to the user

But this is a very cool code.

EDIT: corrected spelling of "successful"

jort57 (4)

@RohanRajagopal holy moly i havent got this kind of reply before. thank you! im not the best at python and this project was kind of shaky and just not very good. i appreciate the feedback! :)

RohanRajagopal (1)

@jort57 Thank you! Glad to be of help.

jort57 (4)

takes a pretty long time on 3+ digit words