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Life o' a Hoarder: Console Edition
GrantKeo (81)

You don't really need instructions for this, but here they are anyway:

You need to keep track of 2 things to stay in the game: the happiness of your pet cat:

 |"""|/ |

And the Stink-o-Meter (Un-patented):


The cat happiness and stink-o-meter get worse with time. Here's how you can prevent that.
Here's something you've probably been told before

Clean your room, [name]!

Well, that's exactly what you need to do for this game. How? You can clean two types of things:

  • One: objects
  • Two: places

Cleaning objects helps the stink go down, and clearing areas makes the cat happy. While cleaning things in this game may seem easy, it costs you energy points. Energy points restrict you from thinking cleaning is absolutely effortless and only requires pushing a button. (Although that may happen in the future. the director of Wall-E forsaw that.) Eating helps with that.
Eating requires money, since nothing in life is free. You get $30 in foodie cash. But that may seem relatively simple.
Here is a uncommonly known fact:

"Stuffing everything inside one bedroom under a blanket is NOT the same as cleaning one."

So you get to choose how to clean it. For example, old macaroni & cheese does not go in bookshelves. But they can go in the trash. Putting the old food into the trash gets you more points than in another incorrect spot.

That's about it! Time to play. And enjoy the cat avatars!
(Click here for the best gaming experience.)

GrantKeo (81)

Thanks guys!
Oh, and @dino_shep , Just because your cat is blissfully living life, that doesn't mean your house doesn't reek of rotting eggs. (The game, not real life.)

OceansBlue (0)

I find it very useful, as it can speed up the "How To Code" & learning Python

KiKUP (46)

Great game! I would recommend using the os.system("clear") command by importing os, to make the game easier to read and more appealing. I have some projects that use this, so just check them out.

dino_shep (0)

i got the cat to 210 happiness.

and i still need to do my chores.

themaka (181)

Very cool. Love the ascii kitty!

GrantKeo (81)
Thank You!
 |"""|/ |