Logarithms and Inverse Logarithms!
LizFoster (647)

Okay, time for something fun that , for once, ISN'T related to π! (Lol)

This program takes a user-inputted base and offset, and graphs the corresponding log and inverse log. This assumes the format:

log_base(x + o)

Please enjoy! #^__ ^#

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AmazingMech2418 (1014)

@LizFoster You're welcome! I honestly don't know enough C to create a graphics library either and haven't taken the time to learn PyGame. Also, you can use multiple turtles? As you can tell, I am pretty far behind in my Python knowledge, especially if you compare it to what I know about JavaScript which is my go-to language and which I have been programming in for years now (I only started Python maybe a year or two ago). JS was actually one of my first programming languages (my first was VB6, and my second was C# for ASP.NET, then I learned JS)