Logarithms and Inverse Logarithms!
LizFoster (647)

Okay, time for something fun that , for once, ISN'T related to π! (Lol)

This program takes a user-inputted base and offset, and graphs the corresponding log and inverse log. This assumes the format:

log_base(x + o)

Please enjoy! #^__ ^#

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Highwayman (1459)

@LizFoster sry bout the gap in time I had to go to bed apparently.

So it’s like

1 ——> textureA
2 ——> textureB
3 ——> textureC
4 ——> textureD

And the output is like

1 2
3 4

?? :/ my brain is slower than I’d like to admit :(
Or is it like


I think I’ve just confused myself even more on what your actually telling me XD hum time to look up paint-by-numbers.

I wonder if os.system() works on python with turtle repls... actually if you’re really gunning for it, then why not set up a remote dB to hold all that stuff you’d put in files like the textures and whatever?