Can you get all 7 questions on The World's Easiest Test?
Lizzie126 (30)

I finally got the gif to work, and the test is complete. Have fun!
P.S. When you get to a f letter word question, make sure your awnser had a capital letter at the beginning.

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JadenGarcia (36)

@Lizzie126 There are 5 images, [1 - 5]. Arrays start with an index of 0, so we would do [0-4], you already did this part. All we need is a way to access the contents of the image array, you already did that too, gif[range] range is being used as the index

So what do you need?

All we need is it to be possible for range to be any of the numbers 0-4, you almost have that, you just need an if statement that makes range = 1;, after you do that, it'll work.