Log-in and Email user interface
dhanushka2001 (9)


Hello, this is my first time sharing a repl I made, hope you like it. This is a project I set myself, it started small, to just make a log-in and sign up system but slowly branched out to a way to email other users etc. and is just under 300 lines of code now. I'm not an expert with Python so I avoided using import.

The system

The system (https://log-in-and-email.dhanushka2001.repl.run) will print a menu and you have to input the corresponding number for whichever menu you want to go to. If you play around with it you will find that you can create a new account (provided your password is secure enough) and logging in is pretty standard, you'll get 3 tries to enter the correct password otherwise the system will exit.

Upon logging in you will find that you can email other users, I have left a dummy account for you to play with (username: b, password: b123). You can find all emails sent to you in your inbox and all sent emails in the sent menu (pretty standard as well, yet that took the longest for me to try and make it work). There are some other standard things you would expect to find like a way to change your username/password or delete your account, and I also plan to add things like blocking a user, friends list, and starred emails in the future.


More than anything this project was just to help me get back into using Python. I learnt quite a lot from this project and I hope you enjoy playing around with it. There were some things that left me stumped for weeks, I tried (and failed) to avoid using global variables since apparently it's a bad thing to do when programming, but hopefully I used it okay. I'd love to hear your thoughts, maybe you can give me suggestions, improvements and I can try to explain some lines of code if my spaghetti code is that bad.

Known bugs

  • Getting the password wrong 3 times may show "Successfully created new account!" and go back to login() instead of exiting.
  • Changing username will not get updated in sent emails, emails from that user will show up as old username.
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irishbryan (10)

Well done!

More than anything this project was just to help me get back into using Python.

Since you mentioned you're getting back into Python, you may enjoy this Python Tricks book, I personally found it really helpful as I aimed to level up with Python.