🍩3D DONUT!!🍩
Coder100 (15490)


Have you wondered why I took a break from coding? I switched keyboard layouts and took a break :) (also I had to relearn typing again bruhh)

Anyways, have you ever tried to make a delicious donut? How about just looking at a 3D donut model? Maybe designing your own donut? You can do all three with my donut maker!


I literally almost stole all the code from this guy called @Coder100. Check him out! (Specifically this post)
I made this as a sequel to COOKEYYY, however I got the inspiration from actually eating a donut.

How to use

Choose colors



I added glazing! Woo hoo! Better start making more donuts now!


I hope you have a great day!! Also happy donut making!! If you don't mind, share donut links!!!!

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