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Login and Chat in Python
Kirit0 (23)

Hey, could I have some help on having this tested. I'm not sure how it would work out in public, so please tell me if you can read the files or if it actually works. Thanks ^-^

Glare (235)

I have a suggestion! When user enters an invalid email, you should repeatedly ask them for a new email. I think it's better than just bringing them back to the "Type 1 to sign up" page. Should be done easily with a while loop. Very nice job though :)

Leroy01010 (397)


(also [email protected] is a real email service)

you need to connect different servers for it to work
i know where you got the chat part from....

Kirit0 (23)

@Leroy01010 yea i did use some of ur code for the chat part. but for now im just working on the login part. If you want, i can just give the credit to you

ZDev1 (818)

Cool! I like it!

Spacecraft (142)

.env files are only private if you name them exactly '.env' without any prefix. Everyone can see the data in your .env files.

Kirit0 (23)

@Spacecraft thank you. any ideas on how to have several of them for different things?

EpicGamer007 (1078)

@Kirit0 , you can put multiple values in a env file.

Kirit0 (23)

@EpicGamer007 yes i am aware of this, but in order to have the code run successfully, i need the usernames, passwords, etc saved into different files

PocoyoBots (0)

@Kirit0 I'm pretty sure you could use integrated database, not quite sure tho

InvisibleOne (703)

Also, you should have some better security since now I can see your gmail, password, and username since they are all in open files that anybody can read