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Lunch Money Counter!
SeseiFlexFlex (10)

This is my first program so go easy. But plz let me know on stuff I can improve on.THX!

ChezCoder (1582)

Very nice (upvoted)! Do you want to help me colab to help me make a game called minesweeper? You might learn something in the process!

SeseiFlexFlex (10)

@ChezCoder Yeah of course. When can we do it?

ChezCoder (1582)

@SeseiFlexFlex if you are on, now :)

Reply to me when you are on and I will add you to colab :)

SeseiFlexFlex (10)

@ChezCoder sorry for delay but im on now if you are:)

SeseiFlexFlex (10)

@ChezCoder ill be on at 19:00pm UK time everyday apart from friday sat and sunday

megaburrito (1)

Good use of logic for just starting off!

ChristopherStit (2)

This is really good for your first attempt!
I would say though, in your next projects make multiple options you could choose. Or make it longer.

SilentShadowBla (547)

Pretty cool but maybe make it 'your balance is' but gj!

IAmAFox (1)

make sure to add
sc.close; at the end