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MAGMA: A game about not dying
Barry123 (344)

Hi. Here's a frustrating game I've decided to call Magma.

How to Play:

  • Arrow keys to move
  • Don't touch the magma
  • Collect coins and try not to die


If something's goes wrong please comment.
There's also a small chance something will happen that is, um, pretty cool.

Important: This game does not work on Safari and I don't know why pls help

Edit: A new less frustrating update coming soon!

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LordEmporor (5)

I was disappointed there weren't cookies to remember your score. I forked a version and added that, but it would be cool if you had that in your main game.

potatojs (820)

A game about not dying

thank so much i though games were about dying...

very cool game btw

IntellectualGuy (365)

So frustrating, but so fun at the same time

ChezTacoz (343)

How do I get coins?

zhaq6129 (49)

@ChezTacoz u gotta move the blue ball around on the black squares using arrow keys, when you get to the square the coin is on you get it.

hanbot (5)

my high score 105

Barry123 (344)

@hanbot That must have taken quite a while!

PurpleSus1002 (3)

High Score: 301
Proof: linked file

DSAJesse20 (3)

so frustrating yet good

Barry123 (344)

@JacobMcPherson1 cool you have the rare octopus skin!

JacobMcPherson1 (99)

@JacobMcPherson1 that score took way to long to get and I should probably be doing school

RahulChoubey1 (132)

@JacobMcPherson1 WOAH! I've seen the octopus secret too!

Jerryc07from (5)

WHY NO MORE COINS?????????????

DynamicSquid (4567)

Wow, this is awesome!! Well done :)

TheDrone7 (1649)

This post has been locked as it has been botted. It will still be listed for others to discover this.

NeonShadow329 (1)

Wow I love it it's rly cool

AtticusTyagi (0)

Are you supposed to not be able to die?

AJDevelopment (128)

this is why I always have js console on

srsly (21)

@Barry123 lol your invincible on mobile maybe you should fix that on mobile you can float over magma

srsly (21)

@Barry123 On mobile your invincible lol

srsly (21)

@Barry123 you kind of just float over the magma

DSAEvan (17)

can you code a leaderboard into this hard (not very) game?

Wolfclaw1226 (0)

It would seem to me that you can beat the system by waiting it out. I say this because the block that you are standing on doesn't disappear from underneath you.
P.S. you should give people a list of possible skins.

Barry123 (344)

@Wolfclaw1226 There are only two possible skins: default and octopus

DrakeMClark (7)

mine doesnt work at all, it just keeps saying 'coin'

Maxwellfrit (2)

Ahh this game is so frustrating why do I keep dying!!??

AlexanderLe5 (0)

how do you get onto the leaderboard?

bobjeffco (4)

On iPad you can't die
And why octopuses?