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PH1 (141)

An original maze game I created which has some level of difficulty to it.

Now unlocked
Now with permanent scoreboard again (sometimes)

LoneAce (214)

This is one of the best Python terminal games I have ever seen. However, it would be better if you do not have to reset the screen every time a key is pressed as this will cause lag eventually. In my opinion (might be suitable or not), using the ansi escape "\x1b[row;columnH" to edit the pixels only when needed is better, which will be suitable if someone were to try do a speedrun. Your methods of updating using lists is interesting and I might want to use it for my own projects so creds for that. Thanks and keep coding! :)

PH1 (141)

@LoneAce Thanks for the feedback. Can you give an example of how i use "\x1b[row;columnH" as I couldnt get it to work

LoneAce (214)

@PH1 To edit an "test" at row 2 column 5:


PH1 (141)

@LoneAce I got this to work but due to a bug with repl, it leaves red and blue rectangles all over the screen that cant be removed without reloading the page.

LoneAce (214)

@PH1 Lmao what I've never experienced that before

LoneAce (214)

@PH1 You are a legend man. It's less laggy on my machine but does it work for yours?

PH1 (141)

@LoneAce For me theres just a tiny bit of flickering when im moving quickly but other than that its pretty much perfect in that respect

MazeLover84 (10)

Really good maze game. Absolutely loved it. Much better than that last one that was on trending

BoiKane (11)

This is a-MAZEing

JustAnAvidMazer (6)

Cracking maze game. Absolutely enjoyed every second of the 3 hours I have spent on this so far

david808 (15)

Astonishing! Better than the other maze game that was on trending!

TaylorLiang (315)

bruh dont create alt accounts in order to upvote something

diediediedie (2)


Zavexeon (752)

@diediediedie Hey there, it'd be appreciated if you would stop spamming on people's posts, thanks. :)

druceb (11)

@diediediedie Bruh I agree with you, don't listen to that stinky guy!!!

PH1 (141)

The old gang from Merlin's maze game comment section reunited. Now all we need is @TobyS and @MerlinKnight to complete the infinity gauntlet.

BenWJD (0)

@TaylorLiang I’m sorry but this guy put a good comment on this post and I respect that and don’t see a problem. Me and my mates always play other people’s posts and don’t see a problem in visiting and leaving positive comments on good ones.

BenWJD (0)

@PH1 can’t wait to complete the whole set and unlock a secret ban

TaylorLiang (315)

@BenWJD Bruh, his comments dont do anything, all they are is spam, and they dont contribute

BenWJD (0)

@TaylorLiang so essentially all your doing now is spamming. Wow.

TaylorLiang (315)

@BenWJD He was spamming in the first place. Im just telling you hes a moderator

BenWJD (0)

@TaylorLiang I am aware of this so stop spamming already

Coder100 (450)

Great game! Never knew you could use jsonstore on python lol

Vandesm14 (1695)

@Coder100 is an HTTP DB service, which means it's usable in basically any language with HTTP access!

Coder100 (450)

Oh! I see... I don't know any other languages with HTTP access other than python, node.js, and html/css/js... @Vandesm14

Zavexeon (752)

@Coder100 Most modern languages support HTTP natively. (Even older ones like C++ support it nowadays, too)

generationXcode (15)

Hi, nice game but I see that there r lots of ppl with 0 repls whho upvoted this...

PH1 (141)

@generationXcode I know but they arent me. This post got locked for a couple of days for this exact reason.

generationXcode (15)

@PH1 Yeah.Odd right? some

theangryepicbanana (1245)

@generationXcode @PH1 It was locked due to the unusual amount of upvoters having 0 cycles/repls, multiple comments being very similar, and negativity from upvoters here on another maze game posted before this one. There is a chance that this post could be locked again

generationXcode (15)

@PH1 I dont whether u did it or not (probably not). But no ones blaming u... Someone did it so it was banned... the fact that something fishy was going on was the reason it was banned...

BoiKane (11)

keep up the great work!

AshwinPrasad (1)

nice dude . great work on just refreshing the page and printing just the maze just the way it is . I really like this game

Intellorg18 (2)

Merlin level is broken

druceb (11)

@Intellorg18 Probably because it is Merlin, he stinky!!

BenedictNkeonye (1)

This is amazingly beautiful!

ChoppaFan2007 (13)

wow this sure is a cool post! i love it! but i love my choppa more

druceb (11)

The best maze game I have ever seen, and Ive seen a few in my time.

pr0p3rno0b10 (2)

This is amazing, I 100% up voted it.

PH1 (141)

Thank you pr0p3rno0b10, very cool

TaylorLiang (315)

How did this reach over 100 upvotes!?

PH1 (141)

@TaylorLiang because it is very cool and good

Lamby777 (49)

it's pretty cool but bruh that lagg... you gotta do something about that

PH1 (141)

@Lamby777 This was the best printing I could get without annoying bugs like here:

ArthurWu (1)

why it no work. gives error code on line 14 and 83

Alpha55 (0)

not working for me

AntonGurevich (0)

Got an error in line 14, game doesnt run

JimBob5 (97)

Got an error message:
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 14, in <module>
client = json_store_client.Client(os.getenv('SECRET_HAKER_CODE'))
File "/home/runner/.local/share/virtualenvs/python3/lib/python3.7/site-packages/json_store_client/", line 83, in init
raise TypeError("Token must be str, not {}".format(
TypeError: Token must be str, not NoneType

TheOracle (0)

Yeah, me too, @JimBob5. Hopefully, @PH1 will check it out.

PH1 (141)

@TheOracle Its a problem with the .env file im using. It's very glitchy on here. I'll try to fix that error though you wont always be able to save your score

FelicityIT (0)

Wow,that was amazing.I really enjoyed this game, i never knew that you can make games using python, i guess i'm starting to learn more because i'm new here.well done!!

argthe1st (83)

Instead of deepcopy you can just do myvar = [i for i in mylist] or myvar = mylist[:]