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Made a RPG
xolyon (334)

I followed a tutorial( as I needed help making a map in an RPG (console-based in python) turns out I still do because this kinda map is umm difficult and really not what I was aiming for - enjoy anyway

NOTE: if you know how to make an interactive map please tell me in the comments

  • oh yeah and you can only move about 3 places from spawn cuz i lost interest in this
  • expand this if you want
xolyon (334)

I dunno I didn't have a lot of determination for this and it was a test for another RPG , love your work btw @DJWang

xolyon (334)

@DJWang if you have some spare time you could help me make my text based RPG - because I am really struggling on this map stuff

DJWang (1149)

@xolyon Haha! I'll try but I'm not so great with maps!

xolyon (334)

@DJWang who cares just call the character blind and move the game along

Purple01Flame (30)

Weren't we working on this somewhere else?

xolyon (334)

Yes but you guys really didn't do anything and if you read the file name it's a test I am really struggling to create a map system so I followed a tutorial and made that , still shit might just make the character blind @Purple01Flame

xolyon (334)

@Purple01Flame might restart the whole project it's really messy the way I did it and not really planned , also I didn't make it class flexible , we won't make a whole new game just copy and paste that old one and clean it up

xolyon (334)

Note: I fixed this or maybe replit is being fun for me but when you move it does work but just clears instantly I added a timer to fix this but looks like it's being annoying

MrMinimax (137)

I like it. I also love how I can literally quit the job!

xolyon (334)

Bruh imagine being self employed @MrMinimax

xolyon (334)

That's what I did with this @MrMinimax