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Make an instrumental version of your Spotify playlist!
jajoosam (829)

wordLess finds instrumentals for songs from your spotify playlist, and loads them up into a shareable page. More in this tweet!

Check it out 👉

Demo 🎥

amasad (3240)

Oh cool! I've always wanted something like that. Can you share some of the technical details?

jajoosam (829)

@amasad For sure!

The Spotify Web API is great to work with, so it was pretty easy to get auth set up - and could fetch all entries in playlists. From there I fed things in to the youtube API and searched for trackName + artist instrumental and took the first result - that worked well, but the youtube API is super limited (only 1k searches/day).

That's why I did the same, but instead of using the API - I scraped the youtube search page with (lets me do 100k searches/day for $5/year!)

From there, I have a mustache template where I put in all the video IDs and album covers from Spotify - that plays an iframe of instrumental tracks. I also wrote some super ugly code(but it works!) to shuffle, show tracks playing next and video controls. btw, it'd be awesome if replit added syntax highlighting for .mustache

I hope this makes sense ^^

JotsarupNarula (4)

This is useful,thanks yo


is this broken? do I have to have spotify open in a tab when i click connect?