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Make it code editor in editor!
Nediakstudios (85)

Make it code editor in editor!

So this is a code editor in html, css and js that lets you make html, css and js

Upvote if enjoy
Made by @windows98

mamamia5x (70)

You can call the highlight function multiple times to style the text area, but sometimes it puts the cursor at the front of the text.

DarshanRajpara1 (13)


o... I put the code for this IDE inside itself and it broke. there are a lot of  characters everywhere.

CodeLongAndPros (1539)

An IDE, made in an IDE...

Recursion Time!



tussiez (612)

Cool app! I like the animations!


Its like codepen... Nice!

SotoAyam (12)

Awesome!! Looks really good

oignons (315)

Love it, so polished! We need more coders like you here, who put effort into their projects :)

Nediakstudios (85)

Wow! Thank you,@ipastrano