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Malware and Obliteration Library for Directories
Jakman (473)

A Rust library I call it M.O.L.D
The first function is deny_access.
just put in a directory name and it will delete that directory forever. Next is revBytes. The input is a list of unsigned integers. Those u8s represent bytes. You can extract bytes from the std::fs::read function. It reverses those bytes that you put in. revFile takes the path of a file and reverses that files bytes. It corrupts png and jpgs. the delete_file function defines itself.
The over_write function takes a file path and a list of bytes and writes those bytes to that file path.
FileContents is a struct that takes a file path (Fpath value) and a list of bytes (Bytes value).
That Success enum is useless. This concludes my Ted Talk

Jakman (473)

Don't forget to look at the files and folders before running the program