Room Adventure RPG
Totallynotabear (20)

Made this for Comp Sci, went overboard by giving it a story and everything. This game is extremely luck based and I refuse to rebalance it.

Cheat Code: Type "Rngesus, I extend my prayers to thee!" case sensitive in the first menu screen.

Do let me know if you manage to beat all three floors + the boss.

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dan82 (2)

Man you take your time with this one it can be a BIG thing. BTW I copied you code I was trying to play it at work lmao! because they blocked everything but I made sure to put your name on everything!(Credit!!! to the maker) the only problem I am having is there an error that won't let me play it...I guess ill just play it on here. :) but good job man! @Totallynotabear