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Material Login
blbbrayan (42)

I built this with my girlfriend on international woman's day.

After showing her some sample material design websites and seeing how excited she got we started.She picked out the colors and told me where she wanted everything. Then, I added the animation. I was really surprised to see that it was actually really fun, and it turned out really cool.

Also thanks to everyone who has commented!

sojs (282)

2 things, #1:

This is what results. I remembered this project from a long time ago, and I wanted to use it, I ran it, and the above happened.
#2 to all the people who commented and have 0 upvotes lol.
#3 I got it to work (the site itself -

blbbrayan (42)

@sojs That is the sweetest comment ever thank you! But I have since deleted said repl :(

Best of luck, be creative.

vishalheble (0)

This is amazing. Loved it

marhode (10)

really cool looking design

BrianByrdsong (0)

Some of the best css I've seen in a long time. Good job!

JSer (83)

I love the animation of the 'signup' box

haya (8)

nice sign up example. and intuitive interactions

Garlic_OS (1)

I want the whole internet to look like this.