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Maths Test
CodingCactus (3210)

Asks you random questions (+,-,/,x)

Two attempts to get it correct:
2 points if you get it first try
1 point if you get it on your second try

Or until time runs out.

60 seconds to get the most questions correct;
Have fun!

oignons (314)

yey 52

Great program! Might i suggest adding a time limit?

CodingCactus (3210)

@ipastrano good idea, ill do it today. How long?

kbadrinath_tcsp (221)

good program, but if you get a question wrong: this error comes up
File "", line 66, in <module>
ans = int(input(str(q1_1) + randOperator + str(q1_2) + " = "))
ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: ''

CodingCactus (3210)

I'm pretty sure that only comes up if you try to input something that isn't a number @kbadrinath_tcsp