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Maze Game🎮
IcingHackz (287)

Maze Game🎮


This is for you folks to add on to. This is only one "level" and VERY boring. But you guys can improve on it. (such as adding colors, making more levels, making it more interesting🧠, etc.)


a barrier
the exit/door
o danger(touch it, you dead💀)
w go up
s go down
a go left
d go right


@RhinoRunner for the inspiration on his game Labyrinth (Check it out! :D) AND... the acsii art (I think it's called that, but whatever) Thank you! 🤗

@InvisibleOne for the printing map thing and the controls(I barely edited) So big thanks! 😁

and sorry for the pings

What I did

I just smashed all of the things together.

That's it! 😉 Hope you enjoy!🥳

P.S. I wrote some comments in the project so that might help you.😏


Oh my goodness, thank you so much guys.

It's on FIRE🔥

Check out my Dungeon🔐 ver. 1.0 project

Whippingdot (431)

Please make mur levels urself. We don't wanna do the work. Puhlease

IcingHackz (287)

@Whippingdot ha! of course! I am working on a project called Dungeon version 1.0. And you don't need to do any of the work. Thanks for asking!

IcingHackz (287)

@Whippingdot I'll give you a nice little ping to let you know after I posted the project.

IcingHackz (287)

@IcingHackz I posted it. Look in share

InvisibleOne (2418)

Nice game, the only thing I would suggest changing is lines 32 through 41 to this:

if i == 'p': # p for path
        out += ' '
      elif i == 'b': # b for barrier 
        out += ' ░ '
      elif i == 'u': # u for user
        out += ' █ '
      elif i == 'd': # d for death/deadly :P
         out += ' o '
      elif i == 'e': # e for exit
        out +=' ■ '

It just makes things look a bit better

RhinoRunner (646)

🎵 sweeeeeet sweeeeeet sweet victory, yeah 🎵 - Spongebob