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🤖 Maze Generation Bot 🤖
PowerCoder (703)

Generates mazes in real-time 😮! You can also adjust the width and height of the maze!


  • Generates mazes in real-time
  • You can adjust the width and height of the maze.
  • Modern-looking UI.

QA 1 ✍

  • Q: What algorithm did I use to make it?
  • A: The recursive-backtracking algorithm.

QA 2 ✍

  • Q: What's a good width and height for a maze?
  • A: 30 by 30 is good.

Anyways, I hope you're at home and safe 😟. I also hope you enjoy 😁!

BobTheTomatoPie (1446)

This is so cool, you should turn this into an infinite loop game of random mazes that you go through

PowerCoder (703)

@BobTheTomatoPie Good idea! I might make it playable in the future.

DynamicSquid (4392)

That's how my brain functions. You give it some input, it takes a while, and spits out a random output, but at a much slower rate

mwilki7 (1111)

nothing shows up when I click submit

PowerCoder (703)

@Zuhdi28 What browsers do you use? Also, did you fill out the form? It works completely fine for me.


@PowerCoder what form?


@PowerCoder i filled the height and width
and i use chrome!

mwilki7 (1111)

I put in 30 for both fields

PowerCoder (703)

@mwilki7 Hmmm... Weird. Sorry, let me test something.

mwilki7 (1111)

I tried putting a breakpoint at this line of code

but it never reaches it.

if (location.href=="")

This URL is checking for
but my URL is

PowerCoder (703)

@mwilki7 Thanks! I fixed it. That's weird that we have different URLs.

mwilki7 (1111)

nice it works!
you're leagues ahead of where I was
I didn't learn any sort of search algorithms until 2nd year of college