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šŸ¤  Maze Raider šŸ˜ˆ
rechutox (54)

Explore a randomly-generated 3D maze and collect beer! Beware the evil emoticon.

ā–¶ Play:

ā–¶ Source:

ā–¶ How to play
ā€¢ Use WASD to move. Focus on the textbox first!
ā€¢ Use E to perform actions.
ā€¢ You can buy armor for 10 beers.
ā€¢ When armored, you can stun enemies.
ā€¢ Blue spot = Go Up.
ā€¢ Green spot = Go Down.
ā€¢ Blue/Green spots and the merchant are safe zones (you wont get killed there).
ā€¢ There are 10 levels.
ā€¢ The monsters get faster as you go up.
ā€¢ You win when you get to the top level, duh.

šŸ’” Pro Tips:
ā€¢ Ignore the beers if you just want to get to the end, but take enough to buy armor.
ā€¢ Go back down and buy armor if you have troubles.
ā€¢ You can trade positions with monsters predicting the direction they will move and moving in the oposite direction at the same time (use armor to try this).
ā€¢ You can move into safe zones even if a monster is already there.
ā€¢ Practice patience, the monsters move randomly and they will move away eventually.

šŸ‘‡ Report bugs or give suggestions in the comments below šŸ‘‡

ebest (574)

This is a great game.

ebest (574)

HAHAHAHA you should make a calculator so that the start and end point don't end up right next to each other. They ended up together on level 7 for me.

AnouS (16)

This is so fun!

rechutox (54)

@AnouS Glad you liked it :D

amasad (1423)

I must be missing something but how do you win a level? Do I have to kill the monster?

rechutox (54)

@amasad You have to enter the blue area and press E, you don't need to kill anything :D

timmy_i_chen (962)

This is awesome! Nice work! I wonder if the AI can be more aggressive? ;)

rechutox (54)

@timmy_i_chen Thanks!. Yeah but that will make the game too hard. Since the maze and everything else is random, it will be tricky to balance... but I'll see what can I do :)