Maze Solving Bot (Dijkstra's Algorithm)
BenjaminGrass (13)

Create by a maze and this bot will find the shortest solution!

Just a few notes:
1. To create the maze enter 1's (the path) and 0's (the walls of the maze).
2. The maze must have a uniform row size.
3. There can only be one start (in the top row) and one finish (in the bottom row).
4. The maze can have any number of rows & columns!
5. The shortest path is represented by 2's after the algorithm has run.
Here's an example maze (albeit a simple one):

Comment any bugs you encounter please!

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AlephZero (349)

@benjamingrass: Intriguing. I don't think I can call a method in a different language. But yeah, I thibk I could read an output. I'll see what I can do :)