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Maze game
Ciang (22)

Use the arrow keys to navigate the three levelled maze. It will keep repeating.

katyadee (1249)

I love this idea! I just wish it were harder. I was able to get through all the mazes pretty easily :o


@KatyaDelaney what do you mean this took me 40 minutes


@KatyaDelaney ok, I lied, it took me 2 hours

ebest (654)

@AidanSlyker How did you do it so quickly? it took me 2 days.


@ebest ok, ill admit i cheated

ebest (654)

@AidanSlyker So, how long did it take without cheating?
well actually I made a cheat to skip levels. I never beat it without cheating


@ebest i just beat it, i found out how easy it was to beat by using the equation .5^5
edit: LOL i thought i was responding to someone else


@ebest i havent beat it yet

Zavexeon (1121)

@KatyaDelaney A little late of a reply but I managed to beat it.

Here's how in a EASY 7 step process:

  1. Acquire a time machine
  2. Travel 100 years into the future where robots are the dominant species
  3. Fight through an army of killer robots to their central supercomputer
  4. Overload the computer by forcing it to divide by 0, causing it to explode
  5. Become idolized for saving the human race
  6. Travel back in time to the present
  7. Solve the maze

AkhilGupta (16)

@katyadee Didn't know the big boys like "FromSoftware" were participating as well!

Ciang (22)

thanks for the comments guys. By the way it is not stolen


Too easy but good