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Maze game
MerlinKnight (157)

A maze game where you have to gather stars.
-There is a score system
-There are 3 levels so far
-There is a timer

Check out my YouTube

david808 (15)

evading the walls like they're taxes

DJWang (1229)

Doesn't work for me....

MerlinKnight (157)

@DJWang what happens. maybe I can fix it

druceb (14)

Absolute trash, doesn't work at all, I won with 3 stars and the program crashed. PLUS its very easy to break the program. Terrible programming, probably only got a 6 at GCSE!!!!

Zavexeon (1027)

@druceb Please be kind. Thanks! :)

PH1 (159)

@druceb very true. smelly 6 boy

MerlinKnight (157)

@druceb NGL I am pretty trash. This code is terrible.

PH1 (159)

@MerlinKnight you really are worthless

druceb (14)

Bro I will shank you up. @MerlinKnight


@druceb is that a threat?

Zavexeon (1027)

@druceb @TobyS @PH1 Calm down, everyone. :P

Especially you @druceb, I'd rather not have to ban you but you're very close.

druceb (14)

@TaylorLiang Nah mate, we go to college together and I've helped him test the code, we're just messing around

PH1 (159)

@Zavexeon I swear if u ban me I might actually whisper the n-word to myself

druceb (14)

@PH1 You can whisper it to me any time

hamdanhello (1)

@druceb t was nice programming but like every program, it could use some improvement to make it better


2 more till the magic number...


@BenWJD mmm, yes, finally

DanielAst2 (2)


file "", line 319
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

druceb (14)

Please forgive him. It was his good friends piers and Ben. Corporate espionage for maze game [email protected]

DanielAst2 (2)

No worries! Just wanted to play :) @druceb


This is great but its very laggy and I can't see where I am going sometimes.

BrokenDeveloper (1)

Good job man! Loved it.

Saad1111 (3)

can you teach me how you position the player and move it without using pygame

MerlinKnight (157)

@Saad1111 It is using an array. I swap the values.

Saad1111 (3)

@MerlinKnight oh right i get a bit of it, is it just like a tic tack toe game

garciajorge7 (2)


ladronemily (1)

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

JordanDixon1 (350)

You should add a timer or something that way the player is more ampt to mess up due to rushing. Otherwise the game is way too easy. Otherwise this game is awesome!

JordanDixon1 (350)

@JordanDixon1 Another suggestion is to automatically move the top player to the top of the leaderboards. (If you're going to edit the code make sure to make a copy and edit it on there otherwise the code on this post won't be able to work.

TheBlacksmith (16)

Can you fix the typo that says "useing"? It should be spelled "using". It was bugging me, besides that you did a great job. Also, it doesn't really say that hitting the walls will result in death until after you hit one at least one time. Could you add something that says that you will die if you hit a wall?

MerlinKnight (157)

@TheBlacksmith I have now change these. Thanks for the feedback.

skull_is_dull (39)

very nice but when you refresh the page your score is gone and all there is are the ones you set yourself while testing

ripu (3)

Really good job, just one thing after level 1 it said loading level two but came up with errror

EvanMeeker (10)

I got an error when starting this.


If you can’t code, how did you make this? @MerlinKnight

thejoeman24 (31)

but there is a small problem.
when u move the screen flashes and stuff.
but the rest is great!
good job

FatBanana (2)

@thejoeman24 Yeah that happens sometimes when using clear()

JackLesher (5)

@thejoeman24 Look at my game "BLATHERSKITE!" I made with some friends for the multiplayer hackathon. This is really something that is common and there is really nothing that can be done for that. It just has to be flashy. Also, good job on this game. It is like a small version of my game.

buffhorse (8)

Pretty cool, can't wait for more levels.

MerlinKnight (157)

@MerlinKnight I add more levels just for you

Thecrowbar1234 (136)

Cool, but sometimes when im getting close to the @ the emulator doesn't show the @ so I can't see where I'm going.

MerlinKnight (157)

@Thecrowbar1234 I'm not quite sure what you mean. have you tried changing the size of the window.

druceb (14)

@Thecrowbar1234 Are you dumb? Just make the window bigger.

Zavexeon (1027)

@druceb Hey there, try to be kind. :3

TobyS (56)

@druceb Stop self-projecting already

druceb (14)

@TobyS imagine commenting and starting beef on someone’s

Thecrowbar1234 (136)

@druceb I don't really care about this

Thecrowbar1234 (136)

I say we forget about this entirely

WyattKeenan (19)

Are the other scores actual people? If that's true, that's really cool! If you polish it up and add a few more stages, I'd be perfect!

Thewarsawpakt (5)

Instead of this:
Do this:
for row in maze:

EnzoMines (10)

@MerlinKnight I made better movement script well no movement but its simpler to display the maze i made a post about it and you can check it out to display the mazes its only like 4 or 3 lines of code and the maze is how many lines of code you need