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Maze game
MerlinKnight (159)

A maze game where you have to gather stars.
-There is a score system
-There are 3 levels so far
-There is a timer

Check out my YouTube

Thewarsawpakt (5)

Instead of this:
Do this:
for row in maze:

EnzoMines (12)

@MerlinKnight I made better movement script well no movement but its simpler to display the maze i made a post about it and you can check it out to display the mazes its only like 4 or 3 lines of code and the maze is how many lines of code you need

orpheusst (0)

Zexogon crazy name

GoBurnYourself (1)

İs this working on python?

BenWJD (0)

Ladies and gentlemen we got 69 upvotes

TaylorLiang (538)

@BenWJD 71 upvotes now. its gone

TaylorLiang (538)


TaylorLiang (538)

2 more till the magic number...

SKandaPalyam (0)

cool project. But there are some bugs. when i move around the screen goes bonkers for a frame and sometimes the program doesn't read my inputs

DJWang (628)

Doesn't work for me....

MerlinKnight (159)

@DJWang what happens. maybe I can fix it

TaylorLiang (538)

@JoshLarke1 normie meme. not funny. didn't laugh

JoshLarke1 (0)

jose commit tax evasion

david808 (15)

evading the walls like they're taxes

PH1 (159)

I got an error:

File "", line 320
maze =
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

mchapy1 (17)

I got an error, file line 319 invalid syntax

DanielAst2 (1)


file "", line 319
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

druceb (14)

Please forgive him. It was his good friends piers and Ben. Corporate espionage for maze game [email protected]

DanielAst2 (1)

No worries! Just wanted to play :) @druceb

Justinwest27 (0)

I keep getting a error when trying to run it. It says the begin command is invalid syntax. I assume that's crucial as it cites an error for a line that doesn't exist when I delete the begin command.

jasixxo (0)

It says that the last lina has invalid syntax, and it seems to be just for me. I'm just a beginer but I looked throgh the code and it should be working. Does any one know why it doesn't work?

RkBunny (0)

File "", line 319
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

DakotaRoss2 (17)

There is a syntax error in this program... line 319.

launcherman08 (22)

The game is throwing an error on line 319 with begin()


This is great but its very laggy and I can't see where I am going sometimes.

BrokenDeveloper (1)

Good job man! Loved it.

Saad1111 (2)

can you teach me how you position the player and move it without using pygame

MerlinKnight (159)

@Saad1111 It is using an array. I swap the values.

Saad1111 (2)

@MerlinKnight oh right i get a bit of it, is it just like a tic tack toe game