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Maze game
AnnaChetverikov (11)

this is my first made game

Imthebestthe (92)

Although I may not be able to code in python turtle, when I was looking through your code, I realised that its similar to regular python, which I am ok at. when I played the maze game, I couldn't beat the game so if you used an 'if' statement to find out if you are on a certain x coordinate, then you could easily find out if they one. I would recommend it being below the actual maze. But here is a quick question, does the code generate a new maze or a pre-built one? Please answer in reply. Hope this was helpful!😁

AnnaChetverikov (11)

@Imthebestthe thank you for your advice, I will try again on this part of code

Imthebestthe (92)

@AnnaChetverikov But even with the things that I said, I liked your code



ipastrano (245)

Pretty cool! Might i suggest using an if statement to figure out when the player has won? And then display a message saying so.

Haizi (8)

I like it. But the maze is pretty easy.

BlueComet (115)

wow nice work keep up the good work!

jwangtcsyl (4)

Nice game, maybe a way to win just like @HerculukeZeEpic said.

AnnaChetverikov (11)

@jwangtcsyl I am sorry that it's like that, unfortunately my code did not work(to display "you won" in a certain area )

HerculukeZeEpic (180)

But It won't let you go past the open area

HerculukeZeEpic (180)

Cool, just wish there was a way to win!