McDonalds Simulator
Nettakrim (173)

Have you ever wanted to go to McDonalds, But if you go outside your fragile vampire skin will burn?
Well Now You CAN!

MaxDonalds offers an authentic McDonalds experience
realistic ordering
realistic food
realistic prices - from the website
realistic realism, really!

Order your food, eat it and see how many points you got with 20 bonuses!
its easy, intuitive and simple so play MaxDonalds now!

use this link to play, or you wont be able to see much

you will notice there are some new foods and a drink menu, any foods 16 onwards are NOT YET IMPLEMENTED
same for ALL drinks. full update coming soon

NOTE: MaxDonalds is NOT responsible for ANY food related deaths or injuries and is not affiliated with McDonalds

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Spaces23 (1)

I hit random and it said to notify you since there be no food

Nettakrim (173)

thanks ill look into it

Nettakrim (173)

what did it say at the top?

Nettakrim (173)

and did it say

this food has no image!
do not notify @Nettakrim
its stats have been done so feel free to fight it


=-=-=-=-=<ERROR: FOOD NOT FOUND!>=-=-=-=-
Spaces23 (1)

@Nettakrim sorry for the late response, I was in class when I commented.

Nettakrim (173)

@Spaces23 what was the name of the food?
if you remember

Nettakrim (173)

nvm i think i fixed it
the issue was that it was setting the <self.drinkcount> variable within the loop that changed the length of drinks
when it should have set it in __init__ only