Minecraft Grass Dirt Block Animation
AdCharity (671)

A 3D rotating dirt block made with html, css (three d web transformations), and js (no actual engines like babylon.js).


We're on trending :D


You can easily edit and make your own blocks by replacing the top, back, right, left, etc. images.


-Made is 2X as fast :D
-If you want to see mor 3D (request of axel) you can see it here: https://repl.it/talk/share/3D-Babylon-JS/24475

Shoutout (didn't ping them)

nulll for fixing my set Interval :D

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mat1 (2880)

Css 3D transforms are cool but they're not efficient when you have a lot of them even when they don't have an animation/transition :(

AdCharity (671)

@mat1 yeah honestly three.js could make this in about 3 lines of code
Edit: let's just call this proof of concept for a wall paper

Lethdev2019 (15)

@AdCharity also I had a look at drive.google on your profile. 25 popups were blocked, we're they actually viruses and if they were, for what platform?

AdCharity (671)

@Lethdev2019 lmao do not look at my profle. That's an unblocker that I protected with a simple js password. All it does is open a bunch of tabs that open more tabs

Lethdev2019 (15)

@AdCharity oh god, very funny, seen that one before.
Want to see a destructive virus of mine?

Lethdev2019 (15)

@AdCharity ill give you multiplayer access

AdCharity (671)

@Lethdev2019 yeah I should be working on asper (the dirt block took me ~30 min for school)... I'll put out some changes after finals

Lethdev2019 (15)

Thats fine, im not going to push you. @AdCharity

Lethdev2019 (15)

@AdCharity invited you to the annoying, destructive virus.