Minecraft Grass Dirt Block Animation
AdCharity (1270)

A 3D rotating dirt block made with html, css (three d web transformations), and js (no actual engines like babylon.js).


We're on trending :D


You can easily edit and make your own blocks by replacing the top, back, right, left, etc. images.


-Made is 2X as fast :D
-If you want to see mor 3D (request of axel) you can see it here: https://repl.it/talk/share/3D-Babylon-JS/24475

Shoutout (didn't ping them)

nulll for fixing my set Interval :D

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Pretty cool! One suggestion I would make is in your js file, you have

setInterval(function(){ setFace() }, 700);

I would replace that with

setInterval(setFace, 700);
AdCharity (1270)

@nulll yeah idk bad practice on my part. thanks for the suggestion :D

AdCharity (1270)

@nulll I'm curious is there I reason why your cycles are still at 99? I'm thinking about giving you an upvote (that is unless you want to keep your 99 cycles)


@AdCharity I haven't really been active in talk, I've just kinda been making random repls.