Minecraft Grass Dirt Block Animation
AdCharity (1307)

A 3D rotating dirt block made with html, css (three d web transformations), and js (no actual engines like babylon.js).


We're on trending :D


You can easily edit and make your own blocks by replacing the top, back, right, left, etc. images.


-Made is 2X as fast :D
-If you want to see mor 3D (request of axel) you can see it here: https://repl.it/talk/share/3D-Babylon-JS/24475

Shoutout (didn't ping them)

nulll for fixing my set Interval :D

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AdCharity (1307)

@LittleNomster ok I'll just invite u to the repl w/ firefox. I mean I wouldn't fork it cause uh its kind of a general secret... wouldn't give it to anyone except the spqr guy who ports everything, zavexeon, vandesm14, pdaniel (cause they all know about this). Basically it could probably ban repl from your school if too many people know about it