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Minecraft I Guess
greenbean765 (62)

It's a sort of minecraft-like game. read the comments at the top of the code for the controls. you can save the game, but you might need to fork it to come back later. you need to press enter after making inputs, as it is ascii-based

greenbean765 (62)

the only people who really understand how to play it are two of my friends


@greenbean765 I understand how to play it

LoganSpong (52)

How do you pick up stuff

greenbean765 (62)

@LoganSpong the controls are listed in comments above the code

multicoder2021 (0)

How do you play?
Even the comments don't really help.

SAMIRayglon (0)

it says there is an error in it

multicoder2021 (0)
It gives an error:

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'noise'

Is there a way to fix it?

greenbean765 (62)

@multicoder2021 pretty sure that's on the side of replit, so I think you gotta wait for them to fix it

Noahloader12 (9)

I dont get it kind of

CaleRymszewicz (0)

Python 3.8.1 (default, Feb 2 2020, 08:37:37)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 42, in <module>
import replit
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'replit'

I keep getting this and this won't run. Please send help, I don't know Python that well.

greenbean765 (62)

@CaleRymszewicz I think there's a problem with replit and the replit module itself right now. once that gets fixed it should work properly again

CaleRymszewicz (0)

@greenbean765 Thank you. I told my brothers about this and they got excited. What are you adding next?

AryanVallabhbha (0)

What happened here i don’t know


I spawned in ocean and can't get out onto some rocks

JohnnyWobble (50)

Just a suggestion but it might be better if you can input 'aaaa' and go left four blocks at once, but 4 cycles still happen in the game, great game though

greenbean765 (62)

@JohnnyWobble the way i programmed the game would make that kind of hard to implement

JohnnyWobble (50)

i dont know what happened


Reminds me of dwarf fortress which notch got the inspiration of minecraft from. Very cool!

mrfibo123 (8)

i LOVE ascii art so this is AMAZING great job dude this is super cool but you should size up the player to fit the hitbox (2x2 or 1x2 idk)

also, could i use your map generator for another game im working on? (if you have discord or something i could message you there)

greenbean765 (62)

@mrfibo123 thank you and yes you can use my map generator
also if i sized up the player it would look wierd

mrfibo123 (8)

@greenbean765 oh ok that makes sense and thanks

JohnnyWobble (50)

seed 3456 is all ocean i think

idrawhorsechamp (5)

@JohnnyWobble I've played this so many times as @greenbean765's friend. The best seed, in my opinion, is 3036, if you go west for a while. But you spawn on ocean.

greenbean765 (62)

@JohnnyWobble ya some of the seeds are ocean but i think i've figured out a solution

jonster5 (37)

cool idea, but kinda weird to use. I understand how to move around, and play the game, but it's not really that fun to play for more than 2 min.

TobyS (57)

Do you use "AWSD" for movement or is the seed just empty?

greenbean765 (62)

@TobyS the seed must just be empty. i've made it so you can't spawn on ocean though

Ov3R10rd (64)

could not figure this out

greenbean765 (62)

@Ov3R10rd Yeah The Controls are complicated without an explanation

mdjb4 (17)

it's not great.

hayaodeh (193)

@mdjb4 The effort of building and sharing is always appreciated.

greenbean765 (62)

@mdjb4 I didn't create it for the competition, it's just a hobby project. I just submitted it to the competition because why not

katyadee (1249)

@greenbean765 I think it's pretty cool. It's definitely ambitious, but what's wrong with trying? I like it :)

greenbean765 (62)

@KatyaDelaney I'm starting a pygame version of MIG