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Mini Golf Browser Game
bgass (35)

A mini golf game that runs in the browser

mkhoi (286)

Sometimes the ball hit a wall and its bounce back at me. Thats not how collisions work.

Lamby777 (55)

In hole 7, I went out of bounds in the bottom right.
You can do some really weird things with the collision lol.

madmonster (15)

Where is the ball?

Goldrank (34)

I'm trash.... so I failed.... IN STYLE

SirNapkin1334 (3)

Cool! But needs some work. The wall physics are really glitchy - instead of bouncing off and being reflected, it gets sorta glitched back. I also managed to accidentally glitch out of the course and into the background on the 3rd level. But very cool! I know I couldn't do this myself.

EDIT: was also able to get out of bounds after about a minute of trying on the fourth or fifth level. I used it to get to the other side.

MillwallMindham (0)

nice job how about you program your self some friends

NoahPearson1 (3)

@MillwallMindham Yeah and while he's at it he could program a less toxic attitude for you.

TakeTheLlama69 (1)

@MillwallMindham Wow. I didn't know that being left with computers could make a person as foul-mouthed as you. It's not like you can do any better.


this is great. I love the applications of python 5

AdamAhmed8 (0)

nvm game is gud!!

AdamAhmed8 (0)

@bgass how do you play?? like where do you go to play the game???

amasad (2478)

This is cool! Good work.

amasad (2478)

Seems a bit buggy though. The ball sometimes goes out of bounds

Zavexeon (1038)

@amasad Seems realistic to me. That happens to me all the time in real life. I'm not very good at mini-golf though.... >_<.

bgass (35)

@amasad Thank you. The walls are sometimes glitchy I am trying to find a solution to the problem.