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MiniBot - A highly customisable discord bot
minion3665 (13)

Customisation - Rock Paper Scissors - Minigames - Moderation - More...
MiniBot is no longer run on this code. If you want to see the code it is run on go to
I now host it using heroku. To @brandonisboss82 you may want to change your token as you have placed it directly in your fork.

As many of you have not said this bot is basically a cog system, however it was very fun to make and it was, at the time, quite a challenge. I thank all of you who have upvoted my bot, used it's code, or otherwise helped me on this.

If any of you want features in minibot it is still online on heroku, feel free to ask in the comments. I check them sometimes...

Hello everyone, to those who upvoted, thanks for upvoting. This is just a notice to say that I hope I win the competition but if I don't then may the best bot win. Please remember that even though the plugins I have created are in no way perfect they are simply a proof of what can be done. Even if I do not win I will continue to work on this bot. I look forward to seeing the winning bot. Bye, Minion out... (play Rock Paper Scissors with MiniBot.... it calms his nerves). Get the bot here --> - I wish you luck.
Hi, this is a bot which can do almost anything. Fork my code and create a .env file with the following text in (replacing {token} with your bot token) to get your bot up and running

+Reply with any features you would like


Documentation on how to make a plugin:

New Features:
Updated help message - the last help message was in no particular order, this one adds commands in the order they were added and even allows you to use headers

Create commands

And have the help message update

Use python libraries in plugin creation

Play minigames with the bot

Ban misbehaving users