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Mistakes folder
HarveyH (97)

If you are having any errors, pop bye to see if the solution is in here. This folder will grow the more mistake I encounter. Also, you can tell me some mistakes you've encountered so that this mistakes folder expands as well. This is just for anyone having some trouble with python. However, if you tell me of an error, make sure to tell me wich language it is so I can make a folder for that language. I hope this helps you! I will be updating the folder every 10am Great Britian Time.

Yamboy1 (35)


A couple of things though:
1. You made a mistake in the name of the mistakes.python folder
2. It would be nice to specify that the input problem only happens in python2, as it works as intender in python (the more commonly used version)

I'm actually considering making something like this myself now.

HarveyH (97)

also what’s the mistake in the name? Cause it is right in England.