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Mister Pen
nN34398Ff (107)

This is a simple (but painstaking) code that prints a mister. Please upvote... and take a look at Mister Pen without turtle.up()'s!!! =)

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Dude bad Mr.Pen is giving me nightmares... Keep it up buddy I want them. 😜

nN34398Ff (107)

I think I will start making more pics to go along with Mr. Pen... perhaps his dog or his hat.

ChezTacoz (343)

Bad Mr.Pen is...creepy.

nN34398Ff (107)

@ChezTacoz Stranger Things, brother.
(and loops kitty)


Person: What happened to you today, Mr. Pen?
Mr. Pen: Somehow I lost my turtle.up()’s.
Person: Can I help you find them?
Mr. Pen: If you know how to code, you can.
Person: Ummmmmm... I can’t help you. Bye!

nN34398Ff (107)

@CodeABC123 Mr. Pen: "Mrs. Pen, how do I look?"
Mrs. Pen: laughing nervously "I can't tell you how good you look!"