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Mom simulator
shrijd (46)

Super Duper fun game that makes you say "yaaaaayyyyyyyy" (; also this game was created by @shrijd , @Darshsen and @arvinbozorgi

JBloves27 (1521)

hahahaha, so funny! XD I love it!

shrijd (46)

@JBYT27 yo can we get an upvote

Arvin1234 (13)

@JBYT27 omg im subbed to your yt pls upvote tysm

shrijd (46)

@JBYT27 wait are you Justin Bieber?

Arvin1234 (13)

@JBYT27 Does JB stand for Justin Bieber? Justin Bieber YT

Arvin1234 (13)

@JBYT27 can i have your youtube link i wanna sub

JBloves27 (1521)

err, i dont really want to, just my opinion, sry @Arvin1234

shrijd (46)

@JBYT27 why tho u are my idol

LuckyOreos (186)

@shrijd dude this is cool! I’m Indian to but lol my mom’s nice no slapping and all that

shrijd (46)

@DarthVader29 Go check out my other i think u would love it

Whippingdot (419)

looool @CodingCactus. Also who in the world says indian moms slap there children??? it might be true tho That is child abuse...I think...Naaah...maybe?

zplusfour (879)

yo my name is a blank name pls fix this bug kthxbai

Darshsen (2)

Yo bro thanks for the upvote

Arvin1234 (13)

10/5 quality very nice

angrydoge (460)

What an amazing mom I have lol

thrkturner (5)

@angrydoge ye she is right :) she even baked me cyanide cookies

angrydoge (460)

With just a pinch of rat poison @thrkturner

thrkturner (5)

@angrydoge Yea it tasted soooooo good but for some reason, I fell asleep and woke up in heaven strange

nn10 (5)

,'D hahahahaha
this is just funny
a MOM simulator
I actually can't stop laughing

RhinoRunner (641)

yo all i wanted to do was play cod ;-;

RhinoRunner (641)

@shrijd tbh i wanted to play minecraft but i mean cod works.

RaulAguilar1 (3)

This thing's pretty cool. Good job on this one!

shrijd (46)

@RaulAguilar1 If you want you check my other post

YashasShah (38)

Yay! My mom is happy with me!

LuckyOreos (186)

@shrijd do you wanna collab on a repl like this one maybe like a dad simulator or something like that. Cause I’m Indian to and I would love to make like a series with you!!! I know Python too!!


make a dad simulator next

vve (33)

Dessert is poisoned?

DarkswordsmanJG (43)

Cool game, It's so funny because it's so true

TarquiniNordelt (0)

it does not work. how do i fix it?

shrijd (46)

Guys if you like plz spare an upvote and check out my other game