MaxDonalds 2.0: Guzzle and Glow
Nettakrim (381)

use this link here to play

version 2 is out!
-drinks - order with d1,d2,d3 etc to d10
-food is now colored!
-fixed various crashes and weird visual bugs
-added new options - remove wait time

V2.1 is now out as well!
happy meals now have toys which give them special effects
but when you kill it, you get the toy for the next food
-Minion- chance for enemy to miss attack
-Toothless- extra attack, works while healing
-Darth vader- deal less damage but enemys sometimes hit themselves
-Elsa- acts like toothless but heals instead
-More coming SOON™
New option to return to menu

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Kai_Justice (167)

Most anticipated game update of 2020. (Besides new Minecraft Snapshot.)