Mr. Lápiz
Coder100 (707)

Did you ever want to learn Spanish but Duolingo was too mean and insistent while Quizlet was just cruel? Mr. Lápiz is here to the rescue! It contains:

  • Accounts
  • Spanish Learning Games
  • Other games
  1. To make an account, first upvote this post, then click on the log in/sign up button.
  2. To play a game, just click on the button that contains the game name.
  3. The other games are like ‘fight simulator’ and ‘talk simulator’

Note: This game was adapted from my alt account. The original Lápiz for my school can be found here:

Have fun! The code can be found here:

Please upvote this post if Mr. Lápiz gave you a great experience!

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Coder100 (707)

Thanks! I have worked hard on it. Any suggestions? @MrEconomical

MrEconomical (1399)

@Coder100 maybe make a popup instead of alerts, they can get annoying sometimes

Coder100 (707)

Ok, will do
Is there a library where I can make one super efficiently?
(I'm lazy and don't want to change each individual page, but instead using javascript manipulation)

MrEconomical (1399)

@Coder100 you can just make one popup element, then when something happens you change the contents and set its display to block, very simple and easy to do

Coder100 (707)

Ok going to work later
~procrastinator @MrEconomical