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Multiplayer Challenge
PDanielY (1074)

On November 28, 2019, at 3:00 PM EST, I will be hosting a challenge. The challenge is to build a chat system with other people. I will invite you to a multiplayer repl and you will start. You will have to build a working chat system that you can log in and signup on. In the website below you will enter your username if you want to be part of the challenge. Good luck. There is a prize but I won't say the prize yet because I don't want people to signup just for the prize. The prize will be given to the person that helped the most but remember this is about teamwork.

This is not related to at all. So don't think the prize will be something like a role on the discord server

AdCharity (1307)

am I technically cheating (if u saw the thing I made before...) if I join?

Zavexeon (1041)

Just out of curiosity, why are you doing this the day before the MMH is hosting?

PDanielY (1074)

@Zavexeon so people can get ready for the hackathon