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Multiplayer Fences
mjshi (8)

Adapted from the 1991 Windows 3.x classic: Featuring spectator mode & a fully functional queue. Press H for help/instructions, left click to join the game, and press L to view the server log. My little bro helped with some of the testing ^^ For the singleplayer original:

timmy_i_chen (1046)

Nice! This is super cool. Any way to know who I'm playing against? :) Like a name or lobby system?

mjshi (8)

@timmy_i_chen Yeah, everyone is assigned a randomly generated adjective-noun ID separate from their player hash when they connect to the website. Disconnecting/refreshing the page generates new ones, and will also remove you from the queue and any active games. Spectators are able to see who is playing who once a match gets going.