Muse-Key: The Music Based Encryption Service
JacksonEnnis (7)

The First Ever Music Based Encryption Service, written entirely in Spaghetti.

Hey guys! I wrote a neat program that uses your unique taste in music as the basis for encryption.

The process is pretty simple. First upload an mp3 to the webpage, and then use the 'q', 'e', and 'Shift" keys to cut the slice of the song you want to use for your encryption. Then, go ahead and write your secret message, and then select the encrypt button and EUREKA! You have your own encrypted message!

I think this is a pretty neat take on encryption because it incorporates something we all love, music, into the verification process. Not only that, but its hard to crack. For someone to break the code, they would have to know not only what song you used, but also where and how long the cut you took from the song was.

This is a prototype, and to be honest, was a pretty big challenge personally. I thought it would be fun to learn a whole new language for the hackathon, so I wrote this in JS, which turned out to be really hard. The program in its current configuration is also kinda finicky. It mostly responds well to complex music, where the sound levels fluctuate up and down frequently. So don't be surprised if this isn't compatible with everything. With more time, and more knowledge of the language, this could definitely be a lot better.

Notice: You may look at the uploaded and see a lack of history in edits. Thats because its a fork of a previous version I had been working on for the hackathon. If you go to my profile you will see several music attempts, with the majority of my code being in the MusicJournal replit.

CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE: Thank you to Coding Train for making Javascript a lot more accessible, thank you Six Umbrellas for making your music accessible to the public, and thank you Unknown_Scarab for doing the voiceover.

Download the test song here!

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HappyFakeboulde (219)

ah so is this like the vernam cipher/one time pad

JacksonEnnis (7)

@HappyFakeboulde Haha I have no clue lol. I was just trying to think of how a music service like spotify or apple music could have a really unique login service.