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Music Jam Results Algorithm! LEAKED!!
raghavm (74)

Below is the official algorithm used by to determine when the results will be final:

  if(day == "Sunday" && time == "11:59")
    console.log("Music Jam Results postponed to nEXT mONDAY! wE 

Upvotes are awesome!!

vedprad1 (828)

Wow. How Accurate.

Very Sacrilinterestamazing!

AbirHaque (16)

@vedprad1 wild twoset viewer has appeared!

johnstev111 (5)

Why can't I upload songs to Influxion? I tried a few days ago and now I just re-uploaded the same song, why won't it appear in the menu?

raghavm (74)

@johnstev111 I'm not sure, I'll get back to ya on that.

AllAwesome497 (273)

OK there was hundreds if not thousands of submissions to go through, and they try to test every feature in each repl, just to see whats eligeble for the next round of checking. then all the once eligble for the next round are re-checked by all the judges, and everyone still has to do their regular job. I completely understand why it takes so long, that is a lot to do.

raghavm (74)

@AllAwesome497 LOL. I get it man, was just a joke.

AllAwesome497 (273)

@raghavm Yeah i get it. lol. that came a bit harsh lol.

raghavm (74)

@AllAwesome497 Naw you're good (just patriotic 'bout and Genius Lyrics). But ya gotta upvote to make up for it.

raghavm (74)

Looks like the algorithm broke! RESULTS ARE OUT! not salty i lost at all no way

raghavm (74)

@katyadee Oof sorry. I can delete it if you want. Just a joke, considering how many deadline changes occured.

raghavm (74)

I didn't have a repl to put, so I just added our music jam submission.