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My Attempt of 2048
usuyus22 (7)

Hi guys, here is the link to my attempt to create the 2048 game, which I hope most of you are familiar with, in Python using the Python Shell (Sorry, no graphics :( ). If you want more people to see this game, don't wait and vote for it!


P.S: Can you please report any bugs you encounter in the game at the comments? Your feedback would be appreciated :)

MetaMan (27)

ateempy? Its cool, but too complicated of a game for me. I'm sure many other people like it. Great Job! :)

usuyus22 (7)

@metaman: Well, it would've been simpler if I refactored the code. That's why this is an attempt. By the way, thanks for your appreciation!

Intel (0)

This is actually really cool. I love it!

katiewinton (44)

complicated, but great job